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Big Changes to Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs

This site was created in 2009 and has lived through a lot of changes in the industry. While primarily a job listing site, the nature of jobs for freelance writers is very different today. Contracts often require a freelancer to perform more tasks than just providing copy, such as posting blogs to sites and sending … Read more Big Changes to Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs

Access Copyright Foundation Grant

The Professional Development Grant is listed as a grant available to freelance copywriters. It is aimed at creative literary artists as well, but meets our criteria for listing. The PDG operates with a $250,000 fund and makes available up to $3000 for specialized training and continuing education for freelance writers employed by Canadian publishers. Specifically … Read more Access Copyright Foundation Grant

Freelance Jobs April 3, 2020

The following jobs are open and seeking applications as of today. Director, Strategic Content and Publications Link: http://tiny.cc/zx4fmzOnsite/Telecommute: Kingston BasedKey Requirements: Uni Degree requested (exp. and a great portfolio acceptable), 7+ years expCompensation: Permanent, Salary unknown Crisis Management / Corporate Comms Writing Link: https://www.creativecircle.com/job/details/?id=8687&territory_id=26Onsite/Telecommute:  Toronto Based, working RemotelyKey Requirements: 7+ years experience, crisis management copy … Read more Freelance Jobs April 3, 2020

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